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Honda's brand new pair of inline-four middleweight motorcycles - the CB650R & CBR650R - have just gone on sale in India. There's no denying that this 650cc pair from Honda is a bit too pricey for everyone's liking. But is there any way that the CB650R & CBR650R can justify their high price tags?

To find the answer, we spent a couple of days with the CB650R & CBR650R. We used them on our daily commute, took one of them to the hills for an 800km road trip, and then rode the pair through some of our favourite section of twisty roads to see if the CB650R & CBR650R can please the enthusiast.

Watch the full review to see what we think of the 2021 Honda CB650R & CBR650R.

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Presenters: Jared Solomon & Shivank Bhatt
Cinematographer: Vineet Yadav
Editor: Saurav Kaushal
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