2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S – A two wheeled Swiss Army Knife?

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The 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S performance has been concentrated on a lot in reviews. It goes without saying that a 1300cc 160hp motor strapped to a KTM chassis is going to be quick. It is also stuffed with electronics and gizmos, but how does it stack up as an all-around do everything motorcycle? In this video, I aim to find out if the KTM 'Ready to Race' DNA offers a lot more than just bonkers performance.

A lot of people have asked me about the Knox Jacket I'm wearing in the video, you can find it here;

360 footage captured with an INSTA360 One X2 - Bundle deals available here;

Intro - 00:00
Engine - 00:47
Ergonomics 01:47
TFT Display & Controls - 02:50
Electronic Suspension - 06:14
Handling - 06:42
Seat Height - 07:51
Screen - 08:36
Active Cruise Control - 09:23
In the Twisties with Anti-Dive - 11:29
Quick Shifter - 13:45
Conclusion & Price - 15:27



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