2022 HONDA CB500X Road Test Review | Engine Details Explanation

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#2022HONDACB500X Road Test #Review | #Engine Details Explanation. Engine. The 471cc parallel-twin engine remains largely unchanged for 2022. It’s a stressed member in the chassis and was actually made Euro5 compliant back in 2020. Already producing 47bhp - the performance cap for the A2 licence class - Honda have now fiddled with the fuel injection settings to improve low-end torque. They’ve also bolted in a slightly smaller radiator, which shaves a further 100g off the total weight. Producing a gravelly burble and spitting back at you with each blip of the throttle, the über smooth unit still feels exactly the same as before, but this is no bad thing. It’s nicely fuelled, and the light gear change is crisp heading either up or down the six-speed ‘box – helped further by the slipper clutch. It won’t pull your arms off as a new rider and it needs to be worked hard to get the best out of it when you fancy having some fun. That said, it’ll cruise in top gear all day long and would have no problem ferrying a rider and luggage into Europe for a spot of light touring. Whether it would do the same with a passenger remains to be seen. 2022 HONDA CB500X Road Test Review | Engine Details Explanation @MOTORSPORT TV



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