2022 KTM RC 390 More power

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The 2022 KTM RC 390 makes use of a completely new suspension
setup, giving it real race-bike credibility with unmatched suspension
specifications in the sub-400 cc superpsports segment.
A new, ultra-lightweight frame design saves 3.3 Ibs (1.5 Kilograms)

Tuning your KTM RC 390 to be the perfect track day tool is easy,
thanks to a new rebound and preload adjustable split-piston WP APEX
shock absorber taking care of things in the rear.

Reigning in a charging KTM RC 390 comes courtesy of radially
mounted 4-piston-fixed BYBRE caliper combined with a 320 mm
brake disc upfront and a one-piston fixed caliper with 230 mm disc
brake setup on the rear wheel. Not only do these provide the best
possible deceleration, they save 960 grams of weight and can be fully
exploited thanks to state-of-the-art ABS technology. An adjustable
front brake lever completes the package.

An all-new bionic wheel design features fewer spokes and open hubs,
which not only greatly improves handling characteristics, but most
importantly, saves a massive 7.5 Ibs (3.4 kg) of rotating unsprung
mass. This means quicker turn-in on the track and improved
durability on the street, making the KTM RC 390 an all-out apex-
clipping master.

In terms of engine, the RC 390’s 43.5hp power figure has remained unchanged, but torque is now up by 2Nm to 37Nm, thanks to a redesigned airbox. Also contributing to the increased torque is the revised engine mapping. The exhaust system has changed too, and now features a stainless-steel header pipe and aluminium end-can.

Completely redesigned, race-inspired bodywork provides class-leading wind protection and a higher top speed thanks to optimized
aerodynamics created by using CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics)

An all-new TFT dashboard lets you see all the important information
you need at a glance, or allows you to customize what you want to see via intuitive switchgear. The ambient light adaptive sensor also
means the display adjusts to changing light conditions automatically,
so that you maintain perfect visibility, day or night.

Engine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke Liquid cooled
Displacement 373 cm³
Power 43.5 HP 32 kW
Torque 37Nm
Transmission 6-speed
Fuel-tank is now larger, at 13.7 litres
Dry weight 155kg

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