Honda CB1000R Black Edition. The Real Deal! We tell YOU how it is! The Only Review You’ll Ever Need!

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We review the new 2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition motorcycle.
We give YOU the essence of what this motorbike is all about! Not just a ton of specs but real information so you can make your buying decision.
We rev it to the max! Just listen to the loud inline 4 engine scream!
How fast is it? Is it a good first bike? Is it too hot to handle? We find out!
We look at the handling, cornering, stability, engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, steering geometry (rake and trail), seat height, styling, power and torque, lights, and more!
How is it for taller riders? We will let you know.
Father and son team Mr Darcy & The Ol' Man are experienced bikers and know what we are talking about.
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In this video the Ol Man is wearing a Goldtop Leather 619 Rebel Brando Style Biker Jacket
a Bell Qualifier Helmet -

Filmed with the new Sony 50mm f2.5 G lens. (Except GoPro shots).



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