Honda CRF300L Review On & Off Road. Good trail bike? Ideal first motorbike? City commuter Dual sport

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We review the new 2021 Honda CRF300L Trail Bike! We are the first UK motorcycle channel to review this new bike (other than owner reviews).
This much awaited dual sport motorcycle has been rather delayed by Covid19 and Brexit, but we finally got our dirty hands on it, and put it through it's paces, on and off road. We treated it like 99% of it's potential buyers and as with all our reviews, put ourselves in the shoes of the likely buyers. It's not a full-on hard enduro race bike, but a mild mannered trail bike, ideal for weekend off roading and daily commuting. We look at it for what it is.
We look at the engine, power, torque, handling, suspension, ride, on and off road ability, good points and bad; we look at the brakes, gears, shifting, mirrors, wheels and tyres, horn, seating position, suitability for taller riders and what is the ideal height. We look at ground clearance, speed and acceleration, exhaust sound and more. We also discuss the Rally version and how it compares to the ever popular Royal Enfield Himalayan. Is it as good, same or better? We find out!
A lot of people say it is too softly sprung - we give you our verdict.
We tell you the service intervals and price.
Can it do wheelies? Is it suitable for new riders or if you've just passed your test and got yourself a motorcycle licence (A2 in UK and EU - full licence elsewhere)?

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