Triumph Trident 660 Review. The final verdict. The Gods have spoken! Good or Bad? Odin speaks out!

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We review the new 2021 Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle.
Is it good or bad?
Are you confused about what it's like?
We give the final verdict!
We look at the engine, power, torque, gears, exhaust sound, handling, suspension, rake & trail, wheelbase, fuel economy, acceleration, braking, styling seating and riding position and more!
How is it for taller riders above 6 foot?
How is it for shorter riders?
A2 Licence 'kit' available!
Is it too fast or too tame?
We test it on the real British roads (rubbish ones!).

In this video the Ol' Man is wearing the Bell 2020 Street Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet in Breadwinner Black & White
And Goldtop Leather Gloves



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