Zero SR/S – The Pros & Cons of riding Electric Motorcycles

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The argument for and against electric motorcycles continue to be debated amongst bikers, so I wanted to take a look at the Pros & Cons of riding one, based on my experiences. I am riding a Zero SR/S in the is video, but my opinions are based on riding a number of different models.
I cover the main talking points of Noise, Performance, Cost and riding pleasure whilst looking at a few other key deciders.
This is, of course, an argument with no winner or loser as it's very much based on how you use a motorcycle, but hopefully, I've covered some of the key points.

A big thanks to English Electric Motor Company for the use of the Zero SR/S;
Also, a thank you to Gridserve, Braintree for accomodating me;
and finally, if you want to find out more about Zero Motorcycles;

If you like the gloves I'm wearing in the video, you can buy them here -

Intro - 00:00
Noise - 00:52
Performance - 04:03
Weight - 06:27
Range & Charging - 07:19
Maintenance & Servicing - 11:05
Prices - 12:35
Riding pleasure - 13:07
Cable carrying - 17:10
Ease of charging - 17:52
Conclusion - 20:14



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